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You set up the goal, Lenntech SMART media team are here to help you to realize it on-line!

  1. Access to full service of APP-advertising production anywhere
  2. Free incentives and special discounts
  3. Dedicated account management
  4. APP-advertising marketing support from App specialists
  5. Access to sales specialists to increase your sales volume
  6. Custom branded sales eBooks, sell sheets, App and more

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APP-Advertising is worth to work out based on Strong Trust!

The internet is full of potential customers and clients if you know how to advertise your business. Lenntech SMART Media team are trying to get into your pocket by offering online services that will promote your business successfully.

Fortunately, you can do most of these promotional services without help or with some kind of help as you need from us!


App-based Advertising:

With the development of Smartphone in the mobile market, Apps of all sorts of things like apps for banks, getaways, online retailers etc getting acquired an entryway in the market of mobile users. This entryway getting opened another means for companies and businesses to obtain in touch with their target audience to promote their services and products. Companies can advertise their items in the stores where these apps are saved for the user in the mobile.


1.Owning a website

Your business needs a website to be competitive online. Without a website you will be facing a constant uphill battle. It will only cost you a few dollars per year for hosting and a domain name, and with that you can generate customers and sales.

2. Online classifieds

Any business can get a massive amount of exposure by using online classifieds such as Craigslist. You can place free ads for your business online everyday and targeted people will stumble upon them. These ads can be anything from a one-day event like a garage sale to a service like photography.

3. Search engine optimization

If you are able to convince the search engines that your website is the most relevant site for your targeted keywords, you will experience a consistent flood of search engine traffic. This traffic will naturally convert into revenue. You can either do the optimisation yourself for free, or you can pay Lenntech SMART Media to do it.

4. Article marketing

A successful article marketing strategy will drive traffic to your website as well as help with search engine optimisation, and it’s completely free. It can be a labour-intensive method though, writing many different articles for many different sites. All that labour will bring reward. A well-crafted article marketing campaign may significantly raise your rank in the search engines

5. Social networks

Some businesses are perfect for social networking traffic and some are not. If you believe that your business will be buzz-worthy, you might want to consider creating a Twitter profile as well as a Facebook fan page. These accounts will allow you to interact directly with your online customers. You can let them know of promotions or events, and they can give ideas and suggestions to improve your business. It will also allow your business to grow virally through word of mouth.

6. Online video sharing sites

If you are able to produce a few interesting videos that are related to your business, posting them on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.com could send you a steady flow of website traffic. These sites are free to submit to, and the potential traffic gain from them is astronomical. Make sure that you submit more than one video to maximize your exposure.

7. Online photo sharing sites

Online photo sharing is like online video sharing. If you have some photos that are relevant to your business, don’t be afraid to share them on Flickr. This will increase your website visibility and send more targeted visitors to your site.

8. Pay per click advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is rarely thought of as cheap, but it can drive a massive amount of high converting traffic to your site. You will have to find a balance between cost and revenue to make the best use of PPC advertising. While it can be very helpful for your business, it could also be a major drain on your budget if you aren’t careful. It might seem like a good idea at the time to pay for the top spot on Google, but if you aren’t converting enough sales it’s not worth it. You can purchase PPC advertising on almost all of the major search engines, as well as some sites like Facebook.

9. Email marketing

How can you make your email marketing campaign legit? All you need to do is create a massive email list of interested parties to send weekly emails to. Creating that list is a little more difficult. You will to give something away for free in order to entice people to provide their email addresses to you. This can be something as simple as a small report or document that is related to your business. It is important to allow your recipients to remove themselves from your list if they want to.

10. Local business listings

If you are promoting a bricks company, you should be taking advantage of the search engines’ local business listings. This will place your website on the front page with similar local services when someone does a search within your operating area. This can be a great way to get a fledgling business in front of the eyes of thousands of potential customers.

11. Online directories

Make use of local online directories that target your specific area. You will get a small boost to your page rank and some traffic from the directory itself. Distance is a valuble acount for local customers.

12. App Marketing

Appstore Optmization is still a tiny area of the market compared with the huge industry that is SEO but again it’s growing strongly with a range of new keyword tools, agencies and other services popping up.

Many different ways to get your business’ name out there on the internet, and you should use all of them. Keep an eye out for new E-Advertising way everyday!


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我们的顾问团来自有加拿大Rogers电视台和Fairchild TV新时代电视台工作经验的专家们,携手为您打造属于您的专属网络媒体内容,提升各类公司,私立学校,地产精英,律师,专业人士,行业领导者,议员,餐饮,美容,艺术,教育,,房产经纪,贷款经纪,承建商等的公众形象服务!





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App广告兴起得益于其载体—App的风行。平板电脑和大屏触摸手机等硬件的普遍使用,WiFi、3G、4G对流量限制的解放,以及APPLE苹果公司App Store生态系统带来的全新交互体验促使App受众和App开发者大幅度增加。对于App开发者,需要一种方式将流量变现,而对于品牌企业, 广告投放需要随消费者注意力迁移,因此,App内置广告应运而生。







因此,随着App用户的增长和移动设备的崛起, App也呈现出爆发式增长。2008年7月10日,苹果公司发布了一个iPhone应用程序的下载站点–App Store,而到了2013年10月,苹果宣布App Store应用数量已突破100万大关。
短短不到两个月,威锋网2013年12月8日消息,App Store美国区同样完成了这个成就。











CPM:每千人成本,是Cost Per Mille,或者Cost Per Thousand的缩写。这是源自传统媒体的计费方式,结算单位是每千人印象。千人价格=(广告费用/到达人数)×1000。
CPT:Cost PerTime,按时段收费,也是源自传统媒体的计费方式。
CPC:每点击成本,Cost Per Click的缩写。这是网络广告界一种常见的定价形式,同样也延续到了移动互联网,结算单位是每次点击,适用于效果付费广告形式。Banner广告、推荐墙多用这种方式。
CPA:每行动成本,Cost Per Action的缩写,顾名思义,结算单位是每次激活、下载等动作。
CPS:每销售成本,Cost Per Sales的缩写,以实际销售产品数量来换算广告刊登金额,结算单位是每次订单/每次交易。
CPP:CPP(Cost Per Person), 是App频控视频广告的计费方式,以有效到达受众为结算单位。这里的有效受众是指主动点击+浏览视频内容+浏览活动信息。由于该计费方式对移动广告平台跨App频次控制、独立受众智能投放方面有很高的要求,由帷千动媒于2013年提出。








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Lenntech SMART Media


Do it Right from the Beginning with Lenntech SMART Media

Lenntech SMART Media
Lenntech SMART Media

Choose the right video style

Video ads, customer testimonials, demos, and how-to videos are just some of your choices. While it’s tempting to let budget alone dictate the style of your video, don’t.

Instead, decide who you want to reach, how quickly you want to reach them, and where your video fits into your sales process.

Your video, your business, your future!

Lenntech SMART Media
Lenntech SMART Media

Understand your marketing goals

Before you determine script length, decide how long your video should be. Will it be a quick 15-second clip to share on Twitter? Or a more robust 90-second tutorial? It all depends on your marketing goals.

  1. 15-30 seconds: If your goal is to get the video shared on social media channels, make it quick.
  2. 60-90 seconds: This length works well for tutorials or videos that tell a compelling brand story.
  3. 2 minutes or longer: Use longer videos to explain complex subject matter or include testimonials. Keep in mind that the average adult attention span is two minutes.

Estimate appropriate word count

Once you determine ideal video length, you’re ready to start drafting your script. We recommend aiming for the following word counts:

  1. 15-second video: 30–40 words
  2. 30-second video: 75–85 words
  3. 60-second video: 140–150 words
  4. 90-second video: 215–225 words
  5. 2-minute video: 290–300 words

Keep it simple, keep it short

With those word counts in mind, make sure you don’t over-complicate your script. It’s natural to want to include every detail in your script, but it’s not feasible or effective to do so.

  1. To keep your script short and your video succinct, focus on the main reason you decided to create the video.
  2. What’s the one message you want your audience to take away?
  3. Recall that message, and stay on point as you build the script around it.
Lenntech SMART Media
Lenntech SMART Media

Lenntech SMART Media
Lenntech SMART Media offers VIP Lenntech Automation Customers the following additional service:

TV, Video, Media, Web solutions for exposing business with SMART media!

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We create awarded video, film and media solutions that exceed your expectations. Established in Newmarket Canada, our team have proven client reputation for excellent media solutions for web, video, DVD and television.

1. Video for commercial or residential property

  • 1080p HD MP4 video file for download (or direct sync to YouTube)
  • Web and mobile friendly embed code for your website
  • Dedicated Producer, Videographer and Editor speaking English, Mandarin or Cantonese
  • Optimized for MLS listing and YourTube

    Lenntech SMART Media
    Lenntech SMART Media

2. Business Promotion via Web Solutions

  • Help you capitalize on the growing demand for video from your clients without
    the hassle of managing an in house production team or network of contractors.
  • New media implementation for potential customers through YourTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, LinkedIn in order to customize the viewing habit.
Lenntech SMART Media
Lenntech SMART Media


3. SMART Cloud Net Working

  • The SMART Cloud Program is a full service, end-to-end video marketing, sales and production program that makes it easy for an agency or online marketer to sell and deliver video ads to their clients, efficiently and affordably.
  • We enable our partners to offer consistent, high quality video as part of their marketing packages to clients anywhere anytime.
  • From Realtors, Home Builders, Home Contractors, Home Automators to buyers, a worry free and confidential network will enhance the efficiency of high demand business and properties exposure to the right customers.
  • Building a Strong and life-long relationship with customers.
  • Helping customers understand what to expect from the SMART Cloud leads to more successful life experience with business new media technology.


Lenntech SMART Media
Lenntech SMART Media

4. Creative Industry Team

  • Professional TV program directors and photographers
  • Interactive in Doing what you love to do–shooting and producing creative video content.
  • Industry rates for all roles and levels of experience. You create. We help!
  • Change customer to be in our Creative Industry Team–Make your Dream to be True!
  • High End Dream Maker for Music Video, Celebrations, Short Film, Documentary.
  • 3D or animation as you wish!

    Lenntech SMART Media
    Lenntech SMART Media

5. Story Stage Talent

  • Story Stage Talent Production Services Department combines production management expertise, experienced personnel and creative talent as well as state-of-the-art facilities to guarantee that our clients’ audiovisual product is the best it can be – whether it be corporate content, broadcast or new media.
  • With facilities located in Newmarket and Toronto, our staff has the experience and the tools to meet the highest international standards for every delivery.
  • International production expertise is not only the basis of Story Stage Talent — promotion of original productions, that’s why clients choose Story Stage as their creative, editorial and technical service provider.

Lenntech SMART Media

Lenntech SMART Media

TV, Film, Video, Media, Web solutions?

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