Lenntech SMART Media
Lenntech SMART Media offers VIP customers the following additional service:

TV, Video, Media, Web solutions?

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We create awarded video, film and media solutions that exceed your expectations. Established in Newmarket Canada, our team have proven client reputation for excellent media solutions for web, video, DVD and television.

1. Video for commercial or residential property

  • 1080p HD MP4 video file for download (or direct sync to YouTube)
  • Web and mobile friendly embed code for your website
  • Dedicated Producer, Videographer and Editor speaking English, Mandarin or Cantonese
  • Optimized for MLS listing and YourTube

2. Business Web Solutions Promotion

  • Help you capitalize on the growing demand for video from your clients without the hassle of managing an in house production team or network of contractors
  • New media implementation for potential customers through YourTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, LinkedIn in order to customize the viewing habit

3. SMART Cloud Net Working

  • The SMART Cloud Program is a full service, end-to-end video marketing, sales and production program that makes it easy for an agency or online marketer to sell and deliver video ads to their clients, efficiently and affordably.
  • We enable our partners to offer consistent, high quality video as part of their marketing packages to clients anywhere anytime.
  • From Realtors, Home Builders, Home Contractors, Home Automators to buyers, a worry free and confidential network will enhance the efficiency of high demand business and properties exposure to the right customers.
  • Building a Strong and life-long relationship with customers.
  • Helping customers understand what to expect from the SMART Cloud leads to more successful life experience with business new media technology.

4. Creative Industry Team

  • Professional TV program directors and photographers
  • Interactive in Doing what you love to do–shooting and producing creative video content.
  • Industry rates for all roles and levels of experience. You create. We help!
  • Change customer to be in our Creative Industry Team–Make your Dream to be True!
  • High End Dream Maker for Music Video, Celebrations, Short Film, Documentary.
  • 3D or animation as you wish!

5. Story Stage Talent

Story Stage Talent Production Services Department combines production management expertise, experienced personnel and creative talent as well as state-of-the-art facilities to guarantee that our clients’ audiovisual product is the best it can be – whether it be corporate content, broadcast or new media. With facilities located in Newmarket and Toronto, our staff has the experience and the tools to meet the highest international standards for every delivery.
International production expertise is not only the basis of Story Stage Talent — promotion of original productions, that’s why clients choose Story Stage as their creative, editorial and technical service provider.

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