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Lenntech SMART Media
Lenntech SMART Media

Choose the right video style

Video ads, customer testimonials, demos, and how-to videos are just some of your choices. While it’s tempting to let budget alone dictate the style of your video, don’t.

Instead, decide who you want to reach, how quickly you want to reach them, and where your video fits into your sales process.

Your video, your business, your future!

Lenntech SMART Media
Lenntech SMART Media

Understand your marketing goals

Before you determine script length, decide how long your video should be. Will it be a quick 15-second clip to share on Twitter? Or a more robust 90-second tutorial? It all depends on your marketing goals.

  1. 15-30 seconds: If your goal is to get the video shared on social media channels, make it quick.
  2. 60-90 seconds: This length works well for tutorials or videos that tell a compelling brand story.
  3. 2 minutes or longer: Use longer videos to explain complex subject matter or include testimonials. Keep in mind that the average adult attention span is two minutes.

Estimate appropriate word count

Once you determine ideal video length, you’re ready to start drafting your script. We recommend aiming for the following word counts:

  1. 15-second video: 30–40 words
  2. 30-second video: 75–85 words
  3. 60-second video: 140–150 words
  4. 90-second video: 215–225 words
  5. 2-minute video: 290–300 words

Keep it simple, keep it short

With those word counts in mind, make sure you don’t over-complicate your script. It’s natural to want to include every detail in your script, but it’s not feasible or effective to do so.

  1. To keep your script short and your video succinct, focus on the main reason you decided to create the video.
  2. What’s the one message you want your audience to take away?
  3. Recall that message, and stay on point as you build the script around it.
Lenntech SMART Media
Lenntech SMART Media